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10 Grid Notebook Layouts That'll Sort You Out

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Oh, they are gooooooood.

Psst: All the layout spreads are drawn by me 😉... that means you can do it too! The point is to keep it simple, but effective!

1. A clean and bright monthly habit tracker:

2. A quick weekly to-do-list layout

3. Inspired daily journal entries #grateful #allthefeels

4. Grateful errday #blessed

5. An inspired spread (that key is goals)

6. Getting it done can be aesthetically pleasing...

7. Your month at a glance

8. A meal plan layout that looks so doable:

9. A tidy AF daily timeline:

10. Social media post planner, anyone?

Grab your Grid Linen Notebook today and try these out. Leave a comment below and let us know which layout is more your style!


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