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All you need to know about: Physical Wellness

We have been diving into Physical Wellness all across our platforms, and this is a summary of everything we have learnt and shared over the past month.

What is Physical Wellness?

It pertains to taking care of one's body by partaking in healthy practices such as exercise, a nutritious diet, and getting adequate sleep.

The Aspects of Physical Wellness:

How Physical Fitness Improves Your Well-Being:

➡Improves self esteem by creating a more positive body image.

➡Benefits emotional health by improving one’s mood through the circulation of endorphins.

➡Creates more self-confidence by improving your belief in yourself.

➡Improves mental health by reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

➡Improves relationships by making you have a more positive outlook on others.

➡Gives you more personal satisfaction through the improvement it causes in your health.

Steps to improve physical wellness

➡Exercise three times a week

➡Get consistent and adequate sleep, 7+ hours

➡Listen to your body, recognize when you're not feeling 100%

➡Use sugar, salt, fat and alcohol in moderation

➡Use the stairs instead of the elevator, walk whenever possible

Physical Wellness Brands/Apps We Love and Recommend

Recommended Physical Wellness Activity + Giveaway

Have you ever tried Aqua Yoga?

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And that is it for #physicalWellness month!! Next month we are diving into a new wellness dimension. Be sure to follow us on INSTAGRAM for updates.

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