Does what we are doing make sense?

I don't understand what you're doing.

Does it make sense?

How do Wellness, Fashion and Homeware even amalgamate?

Aren't you doing too much?

These are some of the questions and concerns that have been voiced throughout the years of coming up with my business proposal.

I suppose it's worth telling you a little bit about me; I am a 25 year old Ugandan lady who went to architecture school and therefore most people assume all I want to become is an architect. But even if I still do want that for myself, design is my passion. I have given several testimonials that talk about what I thought I wanted to be when I grow up, and they all sum up to one thing: a DESIGNER.

Now, that seems like a rather broad term, and it is!!! One can be a fashion designer, architectural designer, building designer, jewellery designer, wellness and health designer, you name it.

I refused to limit my design capacities because I love designing every single thing in my life; the way my food looks on my plate, my hairstyle, my outfits, my day, my health and well-being, and I believe this has helped me hone into the idea that I just might be able to help others view their lives in a similar manner.

I started LyfLyn [Designs] at a point in my life where I was so uncertain about whether I was making the right decisions career wise. This was late 2016 whilst I was undertaking my Masters in Architecture. It was at this point in time that I started getting multiple panic attacks because university was really competitive and I felt like I was not good enough and didn't deserve to be there, especially after having been given a 100% Scholarship to do the degree. I had the worst case of impostor syndrome, and on so many occasions I felt like someone else deserved the award more than me (despite having worked extremely hard to get it in the first place).

I didn't know much about dealing mental health (largely due to the stigma surrounding it in my country) but I knew I had to do something to keep me going and stop me from feeling so anxious and depressed. I started off by doing water colours and painting. Then I would occasionally design things in Rhino3D. They didn't have scale or meaning, they were basically scribbles. And then one day, I decided to scale them up and laser cut them... and just like that, LyfLyn [Designs] (previously LyfLyn Jewellery) was born, with the first collection being the Scribble Collection.

A few pieces from the Scribble Collection

I called it LyfLyn because it was my lifeline at the time. You know that line that shows your heart rate (the medics know better how to explain it)?, well this was mine and it kept me going (and still keeps me going to date). It was and is my safe and happy space, my baby.

Although not that successful financially, I continued to pursue it because designing these unique pieces kept me going through so many difficult times and the people who appreciated the pieces did so with so much love and support by advertising and buying the pieces.

So now here I am, dedicating a large chunk of my life to the LyfLyn mission. I am setting out to not only design jewellery that is beautifully bespoke, fantastic home ware pieces like charcuterie boards and side tables but also a fantastic set of planners for you and your loved ones to design your lives in your own way in order to manifest into the highest versions of yourselves.

I have always believed that we are in control of how we will turn out in life. And yes, there are external factors that influence this, but what happens if we learn about them early enough to know how we could use their influence to our benefit? I think we could always find ways of manoeuvring through even the worst case scenarios.

If you follow our Instagram you will see that we alternate between advertising our products and posting motivational quotes on self development, self care and wellness. We have even started a #WellnessWednesday post to our story (you can also access it through our highlights) where we share tips on how to improve our days. This is all intentional with the aim to blend fashion with wellness. Once you feel good on the inside, it automatically shows on the outside and that Scribble pendant will look even better once you've got that glow on you.

The LyfLyn Daily Planner (coming soon)

We are soon launching the #LyfLynPlanner that will aid largely in guiding your day.

I designed this planner for someone like me, a working class person who has a lot on their plate outside their 9-5. The planners (a daily planner, a monthly/weekly/challenges planner and a journal) include tips and tools on how to manage your time, finances, health, relationships and how to challenge yourself to achieve your goals.

I believe, writing down how you feel and organising your life to sort through all the feels is a huge part of achieving the life you deserve.

I suppose if I'm to sum things up and answer the pressing questions that I've been asked for the past 2 years, YES, it makes more than enough sense to be able to provide products and services that enable you, the spaces you work and live in as well as your day-to-day to look and feel great.

We hope you think so too!


PS: I hope we can grow together and I would love to hear more from you all; my customers, clients, friends and family. I hope to be blogging on our website more frequently and would love for you to suggest some topics related to fashion, homeware and wellness that you would like me to address.

This blog is dedicated to all my boss ladies and gents, making it or striving to make it in the motherland!! #OneLove

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