January. Janworry. January blues. Whatever the case, deal with it as you would just another bad day.

Updated: Mar 17

Jan-worry. A term many use to describe the blues that come with the new year. Some call the month a 365 one. Could it be a bandwagon phrase that caught on and never left?

Like that annoying guest that even when you have change into your pyjamas cannot take a hint. Imagine blatantly telling them you have a meeting in a few minutes and they stretch and say, “Cool, I shall take a nap while you work.” Don’t be that guest.

January. The first month of a year. Yet somehow, we have turned it into the most pessimistic outlook. Imagine gifting someone with a fresh start only to watch them discard it like it was trash ready to be tossed into the garbage can. How does it make you feel when you hear someone belittle something precious to you? If you feel nothing, I would suggest you explore why.

I like to build momentum. Start a sustainable pace and then grow. I have a fear of withering before my time is up. It also explains how I get my body moving on days I am despondent. I convince myself that it could be worse, which truly it could be. My mantra this year is one to stop me from complaining. My tongue is tight-lipped but my thoughts, they are whiny. My anxiety pauses in her step just to side-eye some of the things I say to myself.

One of the habits I want to break this year is how much I complain. When I catch myself, I have to counteract every complaint with true honest gratitude. I have to start a spiral of thanks which is very disturbing because I realise quickly how much I have but disrespect.

One of my mantras is

Let us build strength while we have breath.

In moments when I have to push myself harder than the day before, I remind myself that if it is hard today, tomorrow could be harder. So, I should use resources available wisely in the now to make it so my will to exist the next day is stronger.

How do you deal with a bad day? A day when you have no will to fight. A day when you have no money at all. A day when you think all is ending. A day when you even wish for death. What is your battle plan? Mine involves a lot

1. Nap.

My version of napping is resting. Sleep is not as restful for me as it should be so I rest with my eyes open. Sometimes, this looks like sitting outside in the dark and gifting my eyes with the dullest of shade from light. Being quiet with myself so I can feel awkward enough by the silence and remember to release my breath every time I inhale. Rest is anything that pauses your pace. I used to believe I needed more sleep. I was always tired. Tired and hungry.

In true Michelle speak, this was another phrase I just threw around. I actually meant Overwhelmed and unsatisfied.

I was doing a lot and it was not fulfilling me in any way. In summary, I was wasting time doing a lot of nothing and my subconscious was aware where I was in subtle denial. Get that rest and while you rest open your mind and release all the nonsense you were hoarding in there. We all know how messy upstairs can get if we do not declutter.

2. Check-in.

Have the conversation with yourself to find out where you stand. How do you feel? How have you been feeling lately? Are you proud of yourself? Why? (Ps, it is okay to not be proud of yourself in a moment. You know best whether you did all you could or slacked. Do an honest audit but remember to lace that vinegar with honey. Do not be so harsh that the bitter aftertaste derails you from taking steps to shape up.)