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Occupational Wellness: What You Need to Know About Work - Life - Leisure Harmony.

What is Emotional Wellness?

The ability to achieve a balance between work and leisure time as well as dealing with workplace stresses in a way that promotes health, a sense of personal satisfaction and is financially rewarding.

It is about choosing a profession that provides a feeling of purpose and productivity.

5 Signs of Poor Occupational Wellness

  • A sense of dread when going to work

  • Being unmotivated

  • Being unhappy with the career choice

  • Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed with the workload

  • Poor engagement with co-workers

Questions to ask yourself about Occupational Wellness

Ways to Improve Occupational Wellness

  1. Make your goals a priority, and don't settle for a job that drains you.

  2. Set realistic goals and boundaries. Create a broad schedule accordingly to achieve those.

  3. Transform your hobbies into a freelance business or company.

  4. Explore career opportunities that will help you expand your knowledge and introduce more joy to your life.

  5. Maximize your true potential at work and let your personality shine through. Be open to change and new learning opportunities.

  6. Don't rush, have patience, and let things flow naturally.

  7. Utilize benefits, resources, and time off provided by your employer.

  8. Establish positive relationships/connections with colleagues and supervisors. Develop a supportive network of peers and colleagues.

Signs of What it Means to Have Occupational Wellness

  • Healthy Boundaries

Learn to balance leisure time and work in a way that fits your learning style. You need to know your pace, establish boundaries, and balance work with life.

  • A Sense of Purpose

To do a meaningful job which brings you a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, or happiness.

  • Utilizing Your Strengths

To work in a way that will maximize your strengths, skills, and learning abilities. Engaging in work you find interesting and motivating.

  • Clear Communication

You must collaborate and communicate constructively with those with whom you work. Clear communication is the key to a healthy work-life balance and working independently.

  • Explore Career Beyond the Square Boxes

You need to explore more into careers that fit your personality. The environment in which you work must allow your talents and personality to shine.

  • Healthy Challenge

Having wellness challenges that inspire and don’t lead to burnout is important. When you hit the sack, you should feel proud of yourself.


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