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We got featured in British VOGUE!

Updated: May 4, 2023

We are still not CALM yet!!

Casually living the VOGUE LyfStyle!

We still haven't received the physical copy but we are so looking forward to framing it and starting a "features" wall in our office.


Okay, so to be honest, the feature did not come as a surprise to me. I've been holding on to the news for a while since the Vogue team contacted me in December last year to ask if we could feature in their health and wellness campaign.

I was so shocked (and sceptical). I did so much research because I honestly thought someone was trying to scam me 🤣😂.

And even after I found out it was legitimate, I kept my lips sealed just in case it turned out to be a joke! MAJOR SKEPTIC over here!


So it happened. Our first international feature was Vogue you guys... VOGUE!!

They found us online!

Here's the photo they featured which was taken by our resident photographer Eric Okurut:

They asked us to make a few points about the LyfLyn Designs brand.

When it came to the way we were represented, I felt it was SO IMPORTANT to state that we are a Ugandan brand. Not only because I'm so proud of where I was born and raised, but also because if anyone out there ever reads this, they'll be curious about the Pearl of Africa and know that we're capable of doing work that's worth putting in so many rooms around the world. And to be fair, if I had read this as a little girl, I think I would have let my wings fly a little earlier, knowing that there are no limits to where I can go, no matter where I come from!

There are so many dope wellness brands doing great things in Uganda and they deserve all the flowers, all the recognition.

When we were given this opportunity, not only was it a huge endorsement of what we do, but we took it as a chance to shine a light on our country and raise awareness that there is a community out here that appreciates wellness content, products and services.

It is also important to say that this did not happen by accident, NOT AT ALL! We manifested this all last year. It was one of our goals and week in and week out we were researching and asking questions about how we could be featured in publications like VOGUE, Vanity Fair, Inc., Glamour... and so on.

When I tell you, THE UNIVERSE WAS LISTENING and it made things ALIGN. It's actually so funny that my first reaction when I received the email was doubt and scepticism rather than just allowing the universe to click... but hey! better safe than sorry 😉😉.

So I encourage you to plan, set goals (and share them with people you trust) because it is so much more fun when they manifest and you all celebrate because it is something you have wished for, dreamed of and worked towards.


For those who are new here, this is a great opportunity to share our story and humble beginnings.

I started this brand because I was struggling with mental health and I found that organisation was a way to curb some of the overwhelm I was feeling. I went to several bookstores but couldn't find a planner/journal that spoke to me as a black woman, let alone a Ugandan. This is where I found the gap, I said 'F it' and created something for myself that I shared with my community a few months later. And that is how we were born!


This is really huge, for me, for us, for our community (customers, friends, followers) because if you have bought The Personal Planner, 3-in-1Planner, Hello New Year: Desk Calendar OR Gratitudes Thoughts Reflections Journal ... you own a VOGUE-APPROVED product, baby! And if you are new to our shop, please browse through our website and consider owning one of these planners/journals as part of your well-being journey.

Until next time lovelies,


Sarah Kukie

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