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This e-book is a compilation of all the knowledge we have complied over the years when it comes to goal setting.

We have laid it out so simply so that you are able to fully grasp your goal, why it is important and all the steps you need to take to see it through, including foreseeing and managing problems/risks.


The best way to make use of this workbook:


  • Set your resolutions/goals (up to 10) using the "THIS YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS" page;
  • Break down your goal and make sure it is S.M.A.R.T. Use the "MY GOAL" page;
  • Set action steps, track progress, breakdown limitations and more. Use the "ACTION STEPS" page;
  • Repeat steps 2&3 for each of the goals/resolutions you set.
  • Refer to the "THINGS TO CONSIDER" pages for more tips and relevant resources.


Print this workbook out or fill it in using your preferred PDF editor.

Use as often as you need to, and review your achievements at the end or beginning of every month!


The only rule:

Rinse and repeat!

Goal Setting Cheatsheet

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