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Statement Pieces for your Wardrobe and Home

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

LYFLYN [Designs] is a brand that focuses on minimalist, affordable jewelry, furniture, and wellness accessories handcrafted with African influences.

We love a couple of good statement pieces for both your wardrobe and home to really please the eye and give a bold edge to your style.

Statement Pieces

The only rule there is for statement pieces is, if you like something it will work out. A lot of people are hesitant when it comes to statement pieces concerned whether or not it "will work" with that outfit, or fit in with the décor of a home but if you like a piece, you can always find a way of making it work.

When creating a collection of pieces to wear or put in your home it is easiest to start with a statement piece. We all know that life doesn't work out like that sometimes and the statement piece dreams are made of walks in at the end of the decorating process. This is okay! Remember to place the piece in a way where it becomes the focal point of the outfit or of the room. It is meant to stand out so don't try to hide it behind other colors, prints, or similar pieces.

Many think that statement pieces need to be this huge, extravagant item that steals the show, but often statement pieces are smaller, subtler, but still stand out all the same.

Take LYFLYN [Designs] Necklaces for example. Our necklaces are sometimes large intricate designs that draw the attention of the eye immediately, or they are simple shapes with bold pops of color.

Both of these types of designs are considered statement pieces and can be styled in NUMEROUS ways.

The first necklace is an intricate large design that pairs well with a simple pattern like the stripes displayed in the top or would pair well with a simple bold color. The second pairs well with simple patterns or basic colors to allow the brightness of the piece to truly pop. Both pieces draw the eye directly to the necklace as the focal point of the outfit.

The same guidelines apply for statement pieces within the home.

Statement pieces in the home draw the eye to that part of the room almost immediately when entering a space. It can be an intricate design or it can be a bold pop of color. It can be a piece of décor or it can be a piece of furniture or a light fixture or a painting.

When decorating the home, statement pieces make a room appealing. They invite guests in and show off aspects of your style. They are the focal point of the room and can pull an entire room together.

Many people are so hesitant to put a bold statement piece in their home for the sake of whether or not it will work. Statement pieces can tie an entire room together using one or more areas of a room. Something that gets lost in the realm of statement pieces is that you have to have just one. When decorating in the home a series of pieces can be used to tie a room together and create the statement piece. For example, when hanging a painting on the wall, using pops of color from the painting throughout the entire room allow for the statement piece to be more than just one central point. The painting is what draws the eye and the rest of the accessories bring the whole room into unison.

Other examples of statement pieces can be large ornate/vintage pieces of furniture, oversized mirrors, chandeliers, unique coffee tables, colorful pieces of furniture, or oversized art.

All of these examples use the element of size to make the piece truly stand out.

Here at LYFLYN [Designs], our homeware is designed to bring pops of color into your home while maintaining your sense of style. We are launching our homeware collection this December and will be featuring statement pieces including prints, handcrafted baskets, furniture such as stools, and charcuterie or serving boards.

Our pieces will be crafted with African hard woods such as Elgon Teak or Mugavu to create beautiful pieces with a rustic charm.


Megan J Garcia

Megan is a copywriter and a nanny who lives in Denver, Colorado.

She runs Establiss Writing Agency as well as an organization called CIVIS where she writes and releases non-partisan policy reports for American politics.

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